• Helps control algae growth by shading from direct sunlight.
  • Easy to apply, just pour around edges.
  • Will not stain.
  • Meets or exceeds industry standards for
          acid blue #9content.
  • 1 Gallon treats 1 acre  4'-6' feet deep

 The use of pond dyes is a popular way to control
aquatic weed growth.  Pond dyes work on the light 
reduction principle.  All plants need sunlight to grow.  
By reducing the amount of light penetration into the water, 
the dyes effectively reduce weed growth.  Early application
is critical; dyes should be applied as early as possible in 
the growing season.  To apply, simply pour liquid dye into
pond . The dye will completely mix throughout the pond within 
a short time. Dyes will not stop weed growth, but used consistently,
they will greatly reduce it. 

8oz.   Treats 80,000 gallons
16oz. Treats 160,000 gallons
32oz. Treats 1/4 acre 
32oz. Concentrate Treats 1 acre 4'-6' deep
Gallon Treats 1 acre 4'-6' deep