This all-season blend of beneficial pond bacteria has
been produced in pre-measured 1 oz dissolvable blocks.
It's ideal for use in large ponds, lakes and aquaculture
ponds,Ornametal ponds, for naturally removing 
bottom-sludge (muck). These 1 oz dissolvable blocks 
quickly sink to the bottom of the pond, strategically 
placing the beneficial pond bacteria exactly where they
need to be.Apply 60 (1 oz.) blocks per surface acre of
water every 2-4 weeks.  Or as needed.


Eliminates Bottom Sludge (Muck): 
The formulation will also eliminate bottom sludge (the accumulation of decaying plants, grass clippings, leaves, fish wastes, and other organic waste materials). 

Nutrient Reduction: 
This formulation will eliminate toxic ammonia & nitrite, as well as excess problem-causing nutrients such as nitrate & phosphate from pond water.
Odor Control: This formulation will also provide odor control by eliminating the build-up of dead and decaying organic wastes, which are the source of these odors.

Eliminates Murky Water: 
Water clarity is accomplished as the pond bacteria in these blocks eliminate dead and decaying organic wastes, which accumulate as suspended solids, causing murkiness in the pond water. As these organic wastes are removed, water clarity drastically increases (from virtually no clarity, up to 6+ foot depth of clarity in just weeks).

 Shelby Bio-Ball  per 2,500-3,500 gallon 
60 Shelby Bio-Balls per surface acre