Lighting Accessories

Lighting accents are available on both fountains and dual propeller aerators. The F250 is available in LED (quantity of 3 lights only). All are mounted on black floats.

Both the halogen and the LED come completely assembled and ready to install.

The reflective lighting accents require some assembly. Lighting Accents are available on the F250, all dual propeller aerator, and on all fountains.
Halogen Lighting Accents

115V – (4) 20 watt clear lights with timer and 4 each green, amber, blue, and red lenses;
230V – GFI and additional transformer included.

LED Lighting Accents

115V – (4) 3 watt LED lights with timer in 7 dazzling colors – red, yellow, green, aqua, blue, purple, and white. They can be viewed as separate colors or as a color wheel.

They have user friendly control at the power source.
230V – GFI and additional transformer included.

Reflective Lighting Accents

115V – (3) 120 watt reflective clear lights. Glass lenses in blue, red, green, and amber are available.
230V – GFI and transformer included.

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